Deliver adaptive, personalized game experiences.

Imbue your game with an advanced, personalized AI director that adapts the game experience to each player. Increase play time, increase enjoyment.

Sophisticated AI director

Built on modern machine learning techniques that learn about players and direct your game to act.

Maximize Monetization

Personalized game experiences keep players engaged. Engaged players monetize.

Keep Players Engaged

With a simple plugin, your game adapts to each player, keeping them immersed.

Enable Novel, Emergent Gameplay

Each player has their  own unique experience.



Gyroscope dives deeper than just cohorts and segments. The AI director learns about each individual person and tailors the action recommendations to them.

Generic Action System

Triggers any sort of game action, including ads, in-app purchases, messaging/notifications, random number generators, and in-game events like enemy difficulty calibration or boss encounter frequency.

Simple Point-and-Click Installation

All you have to do is install a standard Unity asset, list your game's personalization actions, and Gyroscope takes it from there.  (Other game engine support coming soon)

Automated Passive Instrumentation

The days of manual event logging are over. Gyroscope automatically collects all event data the AI director needs.

Value Dashboard

See how Gyroscope is working and how your KPIs are improving. The dashboard highlights how Gyroscope provably improves your game.

Managed Experimentation

The hard part about experimentation is not writing the code, its designing the experiment and evaluating the results. As part of the personalization, Gyroscope is executing experiments for you behind-the-scenes, and acts on what it learns from those experiments.

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